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1976 - 1981


The first beginning of CITRON are dated in year 1976, when left a few musician from František Ringo Čech and they established  attendant band of singer Aleš ULM (today’s his Job is TV dramaturgist). They were the guitarist Olda Říha, percussionist Tolja Kohout (band Katapult), keyboardist Miloš Nop and bass guitarist Petr Michalík as well, who named the band as CITRON. They were two singles recorded: Pecky z blum/Plátěnky (SP Panton 1976) and Mlčenlivá žena/Kočka (SP Supraphon 1976). On these singles sing except Ulm the singers Milan Drličák a Jiří Hromádka as well from theatre Semafor.
Some time after Petr Michalík achieved independence and started looking for new musician. The main singer is become Vladimír Kubala and other members of group is guitarist Jiří Schmutz and percussionist Milan Tutsch. They started producing the rock music in style Bad Company, Free or Led Zeppelin. Due to their big experience the band achieved success early not only in radio but on TV too. The first single „Tvých sedmnáct/Pantomima reklam“, which was produced by Supraphon in 1978, is becoming a great achievement and the above mentioned hit won even in TV programme Hitšarada. The second single „Až se vrátí rock´n´roll/Diskžokej“ had the same success such the first one and band Citron very early started to led the Czechoslovak rock scene. In this time is Citron ranked among the most popular bands as KATAPULT or Jiří Scheling’s band.
In 1979 there is very important change in band. Milan Tutsch is leaving to KATAPULT and his place is engaged by future leader of group Radim Pařízek and comes the second guitarist Miloslav Benýšek. A lot of concerts follow over the Czechoslovakia on that sound the songs from FREE as well. In 1980 follow next two singles and band starts preparing  its debut record „Tropic of Cancer“ . The debut is made in Ostravian radio on behalf of sound arrangement Karel Šmiták. Two versions originated: Czech for domestic market and English for export to abroad. Czech text were written by Pavel Vrba which was reason why Supraphon produced just english version and czech one was from editor’s plan canceled. This situation had big negative influence to band and caused its break up. Petr Michalík, singer Vladimír Kubala a later the guitarist Miloslav Benýšek left the group. Only the second guitarist Jiří Schmutz and percussionist Radim Pařízek stayed in the band.






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